BIC Products


Formula 501 concentrated floor cleaner

Extreme 2 professional use degreaser

Formula D–5 neutral pH cleaner

Power Duty industrial strength degreaser


Brake Clean

142 Solvent


Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA99)


Lacquer Thinner

Mineral Spirits (Regular & Odorless)

Parts Wash

Adhesive Remover

Ink Remover

Drums of detail products

Tire Magic (Silicone/Solvent-Based Shine)

Blue Diamond (Silicone/Water-Based Protectant)

Alum-A-Bright (Wheel Acid)

Wash soaps

Industrial Truck and Equipment Soap

Car Wash and Wax Soap Concentrate

Washer Fluid

Ready-To-Use & Concentrate

Winter & Summer Blends

Contact us about other cleaner options

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